Founded in November in 1982, DCI was formed to implement the computerization program of DBP. From its humble beginnings as the Bank's small EDP Department, DCI spun off into a full-scale IT company for more flexibility in terms of operations and manpower outsourcing.

On 33 years of committed IT service, DCI has been operating and maintaining the DBP's various IT systems, gaining experience in IT project management, staff supplementation, IT trainings, ISSP formulation and implementation, IT procurement and BAC services, data center services and web services. Its 100-strong professional staff of project managers, systems analysts, programmers, data communication engineers and LAN/WAN specialists bring together technical expertise on a broad range of operating systems, relational database systems and computer language.

Today, DCI extends its services to the government and the general public by empowering DBP to provide IT-enabled banking products. The company is honored to have taken part in DBP's technology-related milestones.